Here at Brown’s Budget Tree Service, we provide many different tree services for homeowners living in the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda region of Florida. We are very experienced in all types of tree services including tree removal, topping, dead wooding, side trimming, decorative pruning, structural pruning, crown restoration, canopy elevating, stump removal and grinding, brush removal or chipping, and fruit tree pruning.

About the Services We Provide-

Dead Wooding- Dead wooding is the process of removing tree limbs that have died or are weak and hazardous. This will give a chance for the tree to regain some of its vitality and be able to continue to supply important nutrients to strong, healthy branches.

Tree Removal- Tree removal sometimes needs to be done because of structural damage, disease, property development, or storms. Tree removal involves cutting the branches off, securing the perimeter, falling the tree, and clean up.

Brush Removal or Chipping- If you have done some trimming of the shrubs or small trees or cut or cut and broken branches, we offer chipping services that will chip them into small compact pieces. We also provide brush removal services for you.

Crown Restoration- Crown restoration involves reshaping a tree that has been damaged by storms, improperly pruned, or vandalized.

Fruit Tree Pruning- Fruit Tree Pruning involves removing dead wood and encourages new growth. It also helps the tree to produce more fruit buds.

Structural Pruning- Structural pruning is important in the growth of your tree. Structural pruning involves defining which tree branches will become a significant part of the tree. This type of pruning also prevents branches from growing larger than the core trunk.

Tree Topping- Tree topping involves removing the top of the trees, large branches or even trunks that have grown on the top part of the tree. Tree topping can provide less shade to a property, be more aesthetically pleasing, to eliminate growth and other reasons.

Side Trimming- Side trimming involves the removal of tree branches that are dead or broken by using a vertical boom.

Decorative Pruning- Decorative Pruning is trimming brush and branches of other types of trees for aesthetic reasons.

Stump Removal and Grinding- Stumps left in the ground from previous tree removal can sometimes become unsightly. At times, the stump needs to be removed for excavation purposes, to severe it from its roots, or to prevent suckering. Our stump removal and grinding service will remove the stump and chew it into wood mulch that you could use for ground cover or for protecting your garden.

Canopy Elevating- Canopy Elevating means to cut away the lower limbs of trees to provide more head room beneath a tree. When a tree is rather dense, removal of the lower limbs improves ventilation throughout the branches.

Remember to call us at Brown’s Budget Tree Service if you need any of these tree services and live in the Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda area of Florida.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing the above services in a timely matter.


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